Short Arm Quilting Book

Short Arm Machine Quilting Book

Wenda’s book is still available.  Please contact her at to order.

Welcome to the world of frame quilters! You have now begun a new and exciting journey into quilting & finishing your own quilts! As you may have already learned, quilting on a frame system is a much different technique than quilting at a machine on a table top. But it is also easier to create quilting designs and faster to finish your own quilts! Once you learn the basics, quilting on a frame system becomes less & less frightening. It becomes another technique or tool that you will come to love and enjoy. I hope this book encourages you, educates you and most of all inspires you to do more than you ever thought you could!


  • Topic Page Frame Quilting Terms 1Short Arm Machine
  • Leader Cloth 3
  • Zippered Leadercloth 6
  • Loading the Quilt 7
  • Loading with Zippered Leadercloth 10
  • Threads & Needles 12
  • Tension issues 13
  • Beginning to quilt 15
  • Easy Quilting designs 19
  • Turning the quilt 25
  • Quilting in pieces… too large quilt 26
  • Pantographs & Patternboards 27
  • Rulerwork 37


Reader comments

“I received the book Friday! Thank you so much…after reading the first page you answered the biggest question I had. I have read the book all the way thru and am ready to get started. The suggestions you have are fantastic…” — Rebecca

“I’ve been meaning to email you for some time now to thank you so much for the wonderful short arm quilting class. I had no idea that so much could be done with a short arm!” — Allison

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